Heaven isn’t the dream; it’s my wild heart they set ablaze.

Hand-me-downs, runner-up, dubbed the faulty spare by everyone around me I was used to feeling like a burden.
The love of my life knew exactly how that felt too and now I was haunted by their ghost.
Moving on felt impossible so I wished for my heart condition to reunite me with them.
Living in the shadow of my identical twin sister’s perfection, I rejected everyone’s love around me. Even my best friend who was hopelessly in love with me.
It wasn’t until I didn’t have to choose that I realized I could love on my own terms.

Expectations, embarrassment, and all the rules I was willing to break got me kicked out of my controlling family at eighteen.
That didn’t stop me from spitting on our family name when I rejected law school just to follow Delilah wherever she went.
That landed me in medical school but instead of saving lives, I was saving you from a bad orgasm when I put all my knowledge into making the finest toys.
Imagining Delilah using something I created only fueled stalking her in the middle of the night.
But I wasn’t the only one obsessed with her. Marc was willing to cross lines to make sure she was ours.

Honor, loyalty, fear, and… lies felt like the family motto. Being a Sotelo meant living up to the bad reputation.
My mother was a legend, a mistress, and now I was paying for her absence when my father initiated us into the family business.
Fresh meat I was supposed to be married off, be the father to new heirs, when all I wanted was to be myself.
All I wanted was her.
Even if that meant taking what I wanted. Even if she didn’t know she wanted us yet.
Together we felt like heaven, even if we were considered a special brand of nightmares.

Touch Of Heaven is a dark romance with dark themes. It is a friends-to-lovers, interracial, forbidden love, MMF, ménage / why choose, romantic suspense, dark mafia billionaire romance. It contains no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.
It features a transgender side character.

This book can be read as a STANDALONE in the Sin and Sinuosity series.


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