Everything has a price; even love and legacy.

Oscar Hyun
Following in my father’s corrupt footsteps was only going to make him happy and I had every intention of making him miserable.
I was a bastard of my parents’ love affair, deemed to be treated like one until I could prove my worth.
I had everything: money, power, prestige, but none of it mattered until I found someone to create a legacy with.
Once bitten and twice shy, I didn’t look for love but it sure did find me.
When Courtney Sotelo stomped her way into my life I never expected to fall for someone with a reputation worse than mine.
CC was hiding in plain sight, the heiress everyone forgot about until I uncovered her.
Courtney dominated me; while CC lived for me. Together we fill the voids no one else did.

Charlena Cantor-Dietrich
Turned into a martyr, hiding in plain sight seemed like a pretty good solution when I blended into the life of my parent’s killer perfectly.
I was the product of nothing more than a life of unfortunate events that forced me to survive.
I had everything and nothing at the same time.
Love was still the one thing I couldn’t hold onto even after Courtney made it her mission to destroy my family’s name. Love became benefits, acquaintances, fleeting faces that did nothing more than cure the lonely nights.
Oscar demanded to be loved when he forced me to see the privilege in his life instead of his still-beating heart.
Courtney was still stuck in killing everything that didn’t suit her.
Courtney found me; Oscar kept me. Together we fill the voids no one else does.

Courtney Bardales Sotelo
Killing was all I knew. I was a weapon aimed at the people I loved all my life and there was no stopping my fixation for violence and passion bloodlust.
I was the illegitimate daughter of one of the deadliest Mafia families and destined to be nothing less.
Everything I had left was my son, the only person who would be better off without me.
Feelings were nothing more than ammunition when every bit of chaos seemed to shimmer down.
The two people I should have killed became the two truths I couldn’t ignore anymore.
Even love has a price but this time it wasn’t engraved in my bullets.
CC made me realize there’s more than death; Oscar forced me to live. Together we filled the voids no one else could.

Six Feet Under is a dark romance with dark themes. It is an interracial, hidden identity, forbidden love, FFM, romantic suspense, dark mafia billionaire romance. It contains no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.
It features a transgender side character.

Note: This book can be read as a STANDALONE in the Sin and Sinuosity series.


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