Never Forever: A Wild One Taboo Anthology [and also my very first anthology!!!!!]

Never Forever

A Wild One Taboo Anthology



Are you a lover of all things hot and steamy? If so, step into our world of sweltering erotic romance.

Indulge in this sinfully delicious collection of highly forbidden romance stories.

From light to dark taboo stories, all your desires can be found here.



Participating Authors

Sullyn Shaw  ┃  S. K. Graves ┃  Kaylin Kain ┃  Tia Fanning ┃  Orion Azure ┃  Lark Hersey ┃  Lainey Delaroque ┃  Elice Nange ┃  Namiin Stone

My First Anthology!

I'll be participating in a Taboo Anthology with 8 other authors, with a release date of April 12th, 2023. As Elice Nange, this is the first (of hopefully many) anthologies I will be a part of, and words truly can't express how excited I am for this.

Since this is a Taboo Anthology, I went back and forth on what taboo aspect of my Sin and Sinuosity series to focus on. There's so much to choose from, but what better way to kick this off with, than with the families that started off the series?

~ Andrea McWhorter (nee Mahler), Derrick Brewer, and Jordana Brewer (nee Johnson) ~

After all, they didn't start this mess, but they continued it. Or as Dahlia likes to phrase it : they made the best of an already shitty situation. Again - this is a Taboo Anthology.

I will be writing a 6k piece for the anthology; but I do have plans to expand this and release this as a standalone novella in the Sin and Sinuosity series. I have already decided on a title for it (to be revealed later).

In the meantime, enjoy!

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