Taste Of Hell

Sin and Sinuosity #1


Hell isn’t fire and brimstone. It’s the monsters lurking in your soul.

Dahlia ‘Daa’ Brewer’s entire life had been laid out for her. As one-half of the famous identical Brewer twins, she was dubbed the Perfect Twin. A title she never wanted, but one she felt obligated to live up to. She was the perfect daughter. The loyal sister. The devoted fiancée.

To the world, it was the perfect life. To Dahlia, it was the perfect façade.

However, that illusion shatters when the ultimate betrayal sends her life crashing down around her. Picking up the pieces, Dahlia vows to live her life on her terms — without regret.

Clark “David” Holcomb is a walking contradiction. Cruel, yet compassionate. Powerful, yet gentle. Arrogant, yet humble. And from the moment he set his eyes on her, he wants her — come hell or high water.

But when what was purely physical turns into something neither of them bargained for, he wonders if he made a mistake.

He is everything she wants but couldn’t have. She is everything he needs but shouldn’t want. They were playing with hell, and the monsters were ready to pounce — but hell had never felt so good, and neither wanted to stop.

They both hold secrets that can destroy. Dangerous secrets. Deadly secrets. And when they collide, it won’t be a matter of if they can come out unscathed — but if they can survive at all.


Note: This book can be read as a STANDALONE in the Sin and Sinuosity series.



Touch Of Heaven

Sin and Sinuosity #2


Heaven isn’t the dream. It’s the nightmare stalking your every move.

Delilah ‘Dee’ Brewer lived her life in the shadow of her sister. As one-half of the famous identical Brewer twins, she was dubbed the Defective Spare. A title bestowed upon her due to circumstances beyond her control.

When she dared to reach for more, it was ripped away from her in the blink of an eye, sending her back into the shadows — existing on the cusp of death.

Until she met him.

Harris Brinkmann. A man who slowly brings Delilah back into the light. A man who, like her, harbors dangerous secrets. A man with an unhealthy, borderline stalkerish obsession with her — and he’s not the only one.

Because he already has a partner, Marc Sotelo, who quickly comes to share Harris’s fascination with her.

They see her. The real her. The version of her that exists outside of shadows. What’s even more baffling is they both want her — all of her.

Together, they are everything they have each ever wanted but shouldn’t have. Together, they feel like heaven — but they all know the truth. Heaven is a cruel mistress that rips pieces from your soul, a waking nightmare that clings to you like a shadow.

Together, they are a special brand of damaged.

And they all know there can’t be a future for them. There will be no happily ever after. There is only the now.

Or is there…?


Note: This book can be read as a STANDALONE in the Sin and Sinuosity series.

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